Each series can be customized with colours, front image prints, text label and many printing and packing possibilities.

> Print
> Colours
> Packing
> Personalisation


Front images are prints and are layed behind a front clear glass and can be designed independent as a 4c print.

The textlabel under the front screen can be done as pad print or emboss print.

Without front image print the Plastiskop will be produced with a front screen made as matt glass.

It is possible to print on most free faces of the case. It is also possible to print on the matt glass front face.


By standard the TV-models are produced with a glossy surface.
Our standard colour range for all TV models:

dark blue,
Pantone 282c


dark green,
Pantone 567c


dark red,
Pantone 1817c


dark grey,
Pantone 425c


full red,
Pantone 1797c

warm yellow
Pantone 135c

Photo camera:

black / chromed

Special Colours

Wir produce in every Pantonecolour according Your favourite colour.

The Plastiscope is produced in Germany according the regulation of toy production. According to the manufacturer’s information sheets the colours contain no cadmium or diaryl pigments or heavy metal residues and are physiologically harmless.

Gift- and postal boxes

e.g..: Gift boxes colour according the plastiskop case colours, optional printed or embossed.

or: postal boxes für mailing as postal letter, letters or cards can be added. For additional service we offer complete mailing handling from address import and validation to posting

Extensive scopes for design and customizing in shape, print, materials, embossing - ask for Your special Ideas.


The outstanding extra!
Each Plastiskop can be made with individualized front images or text labels

You send us e.g. the name list of Your guests and shape with the named personalized Plastiscopes the reservation cards of a table decoration.

Personalisation of box inlays or enclosed printed cards is possible also.

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