Marks and Security, Sustainability

The Plastiscope is produced in Germany according the regulation of toy production:


The Plastiscopes meet the mandatory regulation of the EC declaration of conformity in the sense of the toy directive 88/378/EWG EN 71-1 Security of toys. According the obligations of marking the CE mark and manufacturer identification is visible on the back side of every plastiscope.

According to the manufacturer’s information sheets the colours contain no cadmium or diaryl pigments or heavy metal residues and are physiologically harmless

not for kids under 3 years
small parts can be swallowed up
risk of suffocation


We support the current discussion about saving plastic ressources.
With our manufacture we believe to leave a pleasant little ecological foot print, but a pleasant bigger one, as we understand sustainability also for social, cultural and emotional ressources.

Plastiscope case made of biogranules (corn starch and wood fiber)


A Plastiscope works with simple daylight - no batteries, harmful substances, rare earth etc. - analogue is the new bio...


Ein Plastiscope is not a disposable folio but a durable piece of emotion.
E.g. we know a lot of collectors and also repair the historic little treasures

We use simple and good recyclable plastics.
Plastiscopes made of biogranules is unfortunately limited to special projects due to complex treatment and limited optic


Manufactory, not industrial scale - means appreciation of the single piece and not to mass-produce quantities with corresponding consumption of resources.


Local production means short distances for ressources and employees.
Ask for more deatils about cooperation with projects for long-term unemployed or elder employees, with workshop for the handicapped or inclusion projects


Charme & emotion - raise a smile - the invaluable ressource at all.

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