Your Series with Your own pictures

more than Retro-TV with charme: a great means of promotion for invitations and anything You want to show or demonstrate with Your own photos.

Pause Play
something to touch in the digital world
as a souvenir...
and always for something to be shown ...
foto gift
Tell Your story ...
... in presentations, invitations, giveaways.
models with 8 - 16 interior images
which You customize
raise a smile
the "welcome" to Your customers
make complicate things easy
for training and seminar
one picture paints a thousand words

> Models

All our models are produced with the old historical resin moulds. Each model has a fixed number of interior images, which we can produce with Your templates.

> Ask for inquiry

Your series with Your own pictures from 50 pieces

> Single Mades

the extraordinary gift

> delivery and no. of pieces

We also produce single mades and small series
Due to manual work our rates depend from Your designated dispatch date.

> Your interior images

Just send us Your digital files.
For a successful series please note some requirements.

> Embodiment

We offer a elegant standard colour palette, or we can produce in Your own favourite colour. Each model can be customized with front image prints, text label and many printing and packing possibilities.

> Example Series

> Safety

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