Your own templates

Wen can process Your digital files and analogue templates.
For a successful series please note some requirements.

> Backgrounds
> Colours and Contrast
> Texts
> Proportion / Crop
> Digital Files
> Pattern File


bright texts, dark background

as a general rule care should be taken to use dark background colours.

Pictures with a white or bright monochrome background cannot be used as smallest dust particles and film grain deficits can become very noticeable.

Proportion / Crop


The proportions of the image are 3:3,5 - i.e. narrower than screens or photo paper prints.

The visible borders of the image will be rounded off in a similar way to that seen on TV screens.
Do not round-off the borders of Your templates
- the line shown is for you guidance only.

Important centered

Keep enough spacing to the picture borders
The important elements (texts) of the image should be as centered as possible.

Colours and Contrasts

the picture message should not be dependent on perfect colour reproduction and resolution:

The contrasts and colours are also affected by the light source used to click the plastiscopes (e.g. day light or warm candle light)


Texte nicht zu klein

Too detailed or text intensive contents might be complicated to recognize

Better focus on headlines and accentuate.

Texte frei über den Hintergrund

Better avoid horizontal textfields or lines. It is inavoidable that the little slide can be slightly turned out of the perfect horizontal position. Better is to have the text "open" layed over the background

Digital Templates:

Preferred .jpg files,
minimum size: as possible 1420 x 1200 pixel or larger,
- in the case of digital data the normal resolution found in digital cameras in the retail trade (e.g. 2 Megapixel) is adequate. Do not simply enlarge pictures, for example from the Internet. Depending on the content the picture will appaer blurred compared to the adequate files

You can upload Your image files via web browser or ftp on our server.
For simple photo templates just send us the .jpg files, we do the processing for You.
For precise or complex layouts please download our pattern file:

Pattern file

For simple foto series just send the .jpg files, we will do the processing for You.

This Photoshop or .gif pattern might be helpful if You design Your own very complex layouts.

innenbildschablone.psd (2 MB)

Alternative: simple .gif bitmapfile
innenbildschablone.gif (150 K)

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